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Cloakcoin is launching the long awaited Mobile Wallet for all Android devices.

The all new CloakCoin Mobile Wallet is the first standalone app integrating the advanced X13 algorithm into CloakCoin’s own dedicated, fully adapted, decentralized Mobile Wallet Server System based on the Electrum Server. As X13 has so far not been available with Electrum the CloakCoin Dev Team had to integrate this algorithm before being able to use this platform.

This new CloakCoin Mobile Wallet will enable all CloakCoin users to do their transactions on their Android smartphones, anytime, anywhere and is the stepping stone for the integration of CloakCoin's sophisticated ENIGMA transfer system in the near future. It also offers full HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) support allowing full backup and recovery if your smartphone gets lost.

The CloakCoin Dev Team has decided to do this standalone app in order to remain independent and have control over all future ideas and projects based on this mobile concept. Get your Cloakcoin Mobile Wallet today and share with us this exciting new CloakCoin experience.

The CloakCoin Mobile Wallet is already available on the Google Play Store.

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Comment by lasvegas83 |

Yihaaaaaaaaa :D

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Comment by Anton |

When will the iphone app wallet be available? Are you working on one?


Reply by CloakTeam

It's on the task list, but we have some other tasks to complete first. We'll post more news on the iOS wallet as soon as it's available