CloakCoin Update Released!!!

by CloakTeam (comments: 3)

Dear Cloak Community,

We're pleased to present a new v2.0.1.2 point release for the Cloak 'Phoenix' wallet. This is primarily a bug-fix release, but also includes some changes to how wallet unlocking is handled for Enigma sends. Attempting an Enigma send with a locked wallet was previously causing issues as the wallet would re-lock before the finished Enigma transaction was signed. This is resolved now and the wallet will remain unlocked until the Enigma send finalizes, whereupon the wallet is automatically re-locked.

The issue with the enigma node count dropping has also been addressed. This was due to Enigma announcements expiring just prior to an updated announcement being received. To resolve the issue, updated announcements are now sent earlier which gives plenty of crossover time when Enigma peers are several network hops away. Performance will improve steadily as more users upgrade to the latest version.  

Here's a look at the latest change log:

* BugFix: Fix ‘CloakShield Unavailable’ issue in QT-Wallet GUI.
* BugFix: Ensure out-of-date Enigma announcements are always culled.
* BugFix: Improve shutdown detection in child threads to avoid crash-on-exit issues.
* Enhancement: Improve wallet-unlock workflow for Enigma sends.

We'd also like to thank everyone who has donated to the development funding so far. Thank you!

All donated funds will be used to further develop the Cloak project and will help greatly with the work required prior to open-sourcing the code.

Peace & Love,

Team Cloak

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Comment by Frederix |

nice work! thumbs up

Comment by R2 |

Nice update!
out of all the coins, cloak is a sleeping giant .

Comment by EscapeUsury |

Can your latest wallet be downloaded on to an ipad?