CLOAK Mobile Supports the Importing of Paper Wallets

by CloakTeam (comments: 2)

Dear Cloak Community,
We are very pleased to announce an update to the Cloak mobile wallet for Android which now supports the importing of paper wallets. This new wallet feature accepts both text and QR formats when importing.
You can import a paper wallet in WIF, BIP38 or MPK (Mini Private Key) format. We think this new feature is pretty cool, we hope you do too :)
Peace and Love,

Team Cloak

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Comment by Hell Ya |


Comment by Nicole Doknar |

Dear Sir and Madame,

I do not know how to write this letter to you, because I have never done anything like this before but unfortunately I do not know how to help you at the moment and hope that I can reach you in your heart, a little bit also If I am aware that I am probably not the first to approach you in the form.. also believe me i feel alshamed but i don´t know what i should do.... And so I start my last attempt ....
maybe someone is listening to me ...

My name is Nicole Doknar and i come from Austria (excuse my bad written english). I am 34 years old, married and mother of a wonderful 9-year-old daughter ... and I have been fighting since 3 years with depression - Burnout. Last year after my hospital stay and the further fight I was again better and I thought that I finally made it and founded the organization The Lion - Alliance of mental health - since in Austria this topic is still very stigmatized and as affected person Still receives too little help
My life story is also published
(my current state of health is not yet published).

The organization should be an organization of stakeholders for those affected. Unfortunately there were again some incriminating situations that brought me back to where I thought I would never go again ... my powers were again quickly exhausted.

On free therapy places one waits up to one year and are not really present with us at the country (also a reason why I wanted to found the organization). All savings for private therapies are exhausted. Financial support is unfortunately not to be expected from our policy (since we are not endangered in our existence). Support of Austrian companies is unfortunately not experienced.
I write hundreds of mail to get financial support bu nobody wants to help me.
In the hospital, I can not go again because my daughter because of my illness last year was traumatized among other things and I would not want to lose my job again because I need this to secure among other things our daily income (I am 30 hours / Week in a position). My husband works 50-60 hours a week. Close family members are unfortunately also not available.

One should think that these salaries should be enough to finance private further therapy measures ... but unfortunately it is that we have received a Swiss franc credit for our house and thereby have to pay considerably more than originally planned.

You might think that you can sell the house if necessary .... but this is difficult because the debt burden on the one hand, and I as well as my husband without real at home as well as a stable parent house grew up and wanted to allow all this to our daughter.

I have never asked anyone for help, but always tried to create everything alone. But now I stand at a point where I no longer know.

Every day is heavier and heavier and I do not know how long I can still bear this as a human being. Only my daughter still keeps me upright to go about my duties and somehow the day to pass ... but I do not live anymore. If one is suffering from depression ... is only the cover here and one runs on Autopilot. Spiritual is no longer present and basically has the desire to die. Day after day...
I want to be healthy again, be alive, for my daughter ... be a mother that I did not have and bring back a marriage worthy of a marriage .... And when I am quite healthy, I also help people with the organization.

I know that no one has anything to give away and everyone has to work hard for his money... so i startet the pixelsite
The pixels are for free (only of donation).
You can find it also on facebook
I would be very happy if you would share your advertising on onemillioncryptocoins. The pixels are available on a donation basis. My Bicoin address is 1Jw9bKLE4qyQLfBi53eCD2LdUFFtb6YDvE

Maybe you could also share onemillicryptocoins on your Facebook page .... But if the site is known you can also reach more people but please without the background why there is this site, because I do not want because of the organization and the people in my village that anyone is experiencing my problems.

If I should have bothered you with my request, please excuse my cover letter!

Thank you for your time!
I wish you the best!

Kind regards
Nicole Doknar