Wallet v2.0.2.0 Release !

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Dear Cloakers,

We're pleased to announce the v2.0.2.0 release of the Cloak wallet. This update includes new and updated translation sets for French and Russian as well as bugfixes and a host of security improvements to the Enigma and CloakShield communication layer. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who's helped out with this release, whether that be in terms of...

CloakCoin Update Released!!!

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Dear Cloak Community,

We're pleased to present a new v2.0.1.2 point release for the Cloak 'Phoenix' wallet. This is primarily a bug-fix release, but also includes some changes to how wallet unlocking is handled for Enigma sends. Attempting an Enigma send with a locked wallet was previously causing issues as the wallet would re-lock before the finished Enigma transaction...

Cloakcoin – Any Time – Any Where

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The all new CloakCoin Mobile Wallet is the first standalone app integrating the advanced X13 algorithm into CloakCoin’s own dedicated, fully adapted, decentralized Mobile Wallet Server System based on the Electrum Server. As X13 has so far not been available with Electrum the CloakCoin Dev Team had to integrate this algorithm before being able to use this platform. ...

CloakCoin Ready to Go!!!

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On 18th of February 2017 the CloakCoin Team will present a brand new wallet for Windows, macOS and Linux, ready to be downloaded from the all new CloakCoin Web Site. Fast, secure and stable transactions built on decentralized, off-Blockchain coin mixing supported by a preset number of 'Cloakers' provides privacy for all its users.

Cloakcoin announces integration into the Blockpay Platform

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Cloakcoin is proud to announce its integration into the well known BLOCKPAY POS (point of sales) system. BlockPay is an easy, fast & free platform that supports many of the new digital currencies (like Bitcoin, Steem, Ethereum, Dash, Smartcoins and now also Cloakcoin) plus Loyalty Points and eReceipts. BlockPay runs Standalone ('Blockpay S' as a free App) or Integrated with existing systems (e.g. Odoo, SAP, Shopkeep, NCR), and is available worldwide in 44 languages and growing fast.

Press release:

CLOAK Makes a Comeback with Advanced Technology, Multi-Platform Wallets, and a Great Team

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