CloakCoin 'DEFENDER'

v2.0.2.1 - 2017.06.07
* BugFix: Update blockchain zip downloader.
* Enhancement: Disable Enigma by default for daemon (for exchanges). You can enable Enigma for the daemon by setting ‘enigma=1’ in either the conf file or on the command-line.
* BugFix: Fix active CloakShield peer list pruning.
* NewFeature: Add French translations.
* Enhancement: Update Russian translations.
* Enhancement: Improve node-banning mechanisms for Enigma and CloakShield.
* Enhancement: Add signatures and verify sender and data integrity for CloakShield onion packets.
* Enhancement: Add signatures and verify sender and data integrity for Enigma announcements.
* Enhancement: Enigma peers broadcast a message to announce they are going offline.
* Enhancement: Add 'View TX on Block Explorer' to context menu in transaction view [QT].
* Enhancement: Give the QT wallet an additional lick of red paint [QT].
* Enhancement: Improve peer-node discovery at wallet startup.
* Enhancement: Trim input text for RPC command 'importprivkey'.
* Misc: Bump Enigma protocol version.
* Misc: Set default Cloakers to 5.
v2.0.1.2 - Fri, 31 Mar 2017
* BugFix: Fix ‘CloakShield Unavailable’ issue in QT-Wallet GUI.
* BugFix: Ensure out-of-date Enigma announcements are always culled.
* BugFix: Improve shutdown detection in child threads to avoid crash-on-exit issues.
* Enhancement: Improve wallet-unlock workflow for Enigma sends.
v2.0.1.1 - Sun, 19 Feb 2017
* BugFix: Fix issue with old Enigma requests being repeatedly expired.
v2.0.1.0 - Sat, 18 Feb 2017
* NewFeature: Implement blockchain downloader.
* NewFeature: Add SendCloakedToAddress RPC command.
* Enhancement: Implement Enigma Message system.
* Enhancement: Add "Copy TX ID" option to transaction view in QT Wallet.
* Enhancement: Speed up block loading.
* Enhancement: Improve PoS block validation.
* Enhancement: New Feature: Implement automatic wallet backup system.
* Enhancement: Refactor CloakShield to decrease traffic and improve reliability.
* Enhancement: Refactor and improve Enigma input selection code.
* Enhancement: Switch blockchain database format to LevelDB.
* Enhancement: Remove 'NumSplits' from the Enigma process and increase min-cloakers by one.
* BugFix: Retain coin-lock once a Cloaker signs an Enigma transaction until new block is recieved.
* BugFix: Stop Cloakers supplying an extra blank output address causing the Enigma transaction to fail.
* Misc: Rename PoSA to Enigma.